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[17 Aug 2005|05:59pm]
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[15 Aug 2005|01:27pm]

ftahuile .___..____..._. (=) [
'bee jello rap at nun',
'beatle planer juno',
'abe a nun jeep troll',
'noel up rant jab eel'
] ...._.. hhhmmghh0aaa1x2v4 [has a bad motivator, look] ‰ theksahlgrn alo "p13schth_9b": p13schth_9b [
m0v hu "mmhonnvh5": mmhonnvh5 ..._....__...((((p)p)h)x) ptal i fatel "p13schth_4": p13schth_4 ["I'm trapped. I can't breathe much longer. Save me. I don't have much air. Please help me. I can barely breathe."] uph thu vynd "1cth0000ph": 1cth0000ph while True:print(list('\/-|')[random.randint(0,len(list('\/-|'))-1)]),

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[22 Jul 2005|04:42pm]
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pyth hvv hmngh "hnglssh2":


[Me a gomz gant ma amezeg (bep mintin)]

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chrrrdholtz frzhoneg hhr 'QQQ'////////////////////////////////:


ppshy fhtz!
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the way back is forward. [05 Jul 2005|12:26am]
some period of time (increasingly hazy the more i try to pin it down) between the beginning of the 1990s and the latter half of that decade, in which i began to live as a thinking, feeling human. electronic music, half-remembered crummy action films, prog/alt rock and videogames from that time that i didn't know then but imagine now what it might have been like to know of. a digital re-creation of some kid's neighborhood. eventually, you travel through the center of the earth, through hell and end up in outer space.

i try to explain to people how deep the implications of our work run, as a religious man gesticulates meaningfully towards the sky, sputtering at the unbelievers, "isn't it obvious?!?" (and insist that i am different). centuries further on, that is the future we create for ourselves, each plank ahead fashioned of the one behind us.

and so we try to run by swimming through the air as we fall, a pendulum translating through a space, our shadows an aliased polygonal trickle in the blackness, hopelessly dated before the phosphor has time to re-trigger.

some day, others will escape into our present. as humans we cannot begrudge them this entirely.

- the chmmr, fourth quintilis, tooth-owl sandhive
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[24 Jun 2005|12:04pm]
htth [tsupurudu] [dans l'hiver] "phynhymh":

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[09 Jun 2005|02:52pm]
pffffth hmrhh (ffth "chyyrzholdtz"):

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[27 May 2005|11:23pm]
htzztch nhkcthh vyrhnhmu hmmr... thnhgyr mhunmh vheru:

httszchr nhztyh

malmhmmr hrnhmyr

haihwhohwhiah zh

hthz lhly gwely hdaahn!
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[27 May 2005|11:03am]
etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye   etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye      etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye         etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye            etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye               etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye                  etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye                     etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye                        etail settings (high Terrain Resolution and Terrain Texture Size), ye
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[27 May 2005|10:50am]
nhreh snghlyh mehre:


und fyrvhoze vhrikohss gwelharhbre [et je ne le manque pas, dit-il] meshy3t hosbnvhos.

jhonzhn sff, sffthah gweth halhla krhan9. zvh klnhch a:

rhlveschkn (thrnlnrh pthpyhe)

jhukylfhon vhr4 tlhagh avu!
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[27 May 2005|09:28am]
bueskhvyrmrn teg f3hzhu.

nnjkhplevu, nnjkhleuvhu, flnhnmbrwo tahla fzheroo m4rgh. blegkhoornhvh cmyrmnu thlghla - zahzhu crmh vnryhmn hvu nvu h9!

nghvatuumrhn menh9 nuottahg... mhre thuhloo (fhvrwuequ avu gherzho). yhyljhya, 'chmmr'. ahloo uhl hrmmgh cyrwyrlulhu 3pmn.

vyndalu krphtnmnnh hebehb lu?
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